When Motherhood is Hard

“Hello? Anybody home?” I overheard one son say these words to his brother in a voice laced with sarcasm. As I watched their interaction my heart was pierced with conviction. It was my own words and tone coming from the mouth of my nine year old son.

Before I became a mother, I always assumed motherhood would be hard. I expected challenges. I knew it would change me and stretch me. Recently, my oldest turned nine years old and as I look back, I realize just how much God has used the challenges of motherhood to transform me from the inside out.

Motherhood is Hard

In the early days and months as I adjusted to motherhood, I battled depression, sleepless nights, fears and worries, and all the uncertainties of being a new mom. As the months turned into years and as another child came along, it only seemed to get harder. I frequently turned to the dog-eared pages of my favorite resources for advice on how to care for my children. I followed the suggestions from websites and blogs I read. But the challenges of motherhood never abated. I wondered, why is everything so chaotic? Why does life seem so out of control? Why is it so hard?

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