On Monday 23rd St Davids will be commences it charity bag for families in Romania. We have 60,000 bags being delivered to all the households in London. These will go out in the next two weeks, they are being delivered by Leaflet Flyers, who specialize in leaflet dropping in London. They will be dropped at the rate of 12,000 a day. charity-bags-103249543We need volunteers to help the collection of the bags from homes and business. We will need help 4 hours a day. Once they are collected we will need sorters to sort out all the collected clothing, books and shoes. These then need grading for sort the good cloth and then recycle the cloth that are not suitable for reuse. Leaflet Flyers have offered their services on Saturday without any extra cost, we hope to raise £200,000 after all operating expenses. Please call Dave on 07983 654836 to register, as a collector.