Redemption’s Freedom

“Set me free from my prison, that I may praise your name.” Psalm 142:7 Have you ever had a day where everything just went wrong? And you along with it? Some mornings we all seem to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. My four-year-old tantrums about every little thing. My oldest tries […]

Strong Marriages

Do you remember your marriage before having children? Is it just me, or is it hard to balance raising children and keeping a marriage strong? When my children were little, I found it especially hard to focus on my marriage. All my energy was focused on taking care of children 24/7. Children are needy and […]

Blessed by Brokenness

I’m over at Christian Stay at Home Moms today. This month we’ve been talking about brokenness and today’s post is the last in the series. Have you ever met someone who has struggled with the same battle as you? Have you ever helped someone through a difficult journey that you yourself once walked? I have […]

Brokenness: The Door to Joy

Spring is here. Flowers are blooming everywhere I look. The trees that last month were dead and bare, now sprout brightly verdant leaves. The air is warm and windows are open wide to let in the fresh spring air. All this new life is a reflection of the resurrection we just celebrated. Spring reminds us […]

Deep into Community

I was sitting around the semicircle of chairs. It was Tuesday morning, the day when our ladies bible study meets at my church. We were going around the room, taking turns sharing prayer requests. I wrote down each person’s request: health concerns, legal issues, rest, healthy pregnancy, etc. Then it was my turn. Feeling the […]

When Love is Hard

Let’s be honest, love is hard. It’s been a week. The flowers are wilting and the candy is nearly gone. The sweet messages in the Valentine cards are mostly forgotten. All that’s not forged through hard love is short-lived. For most of us, the fragrant aroma of love’s soft side is brief and doesn’t last.  […]

Patience and Love

“Patience is love for the long haul.” Tim Keller Glancing at my watch, I call their names again. “It’s time to go!” I had told them ten minutes ago to get dressed. I walk in their room and find them half-dressed and playing. My patience is worn thin and I’m irritated. Sadly, it doesn’t take […]

A Love Like His

February is the month of love, or at least that’s what the greeting card companies tell me. The ads I see seem to say that we must show our love by purchasing flowers, candy, jewelry, and of course, Valentine’s Day cards. “Be Mine” and “Yours Always” are one liners strewn across the Valentine aisle at […]

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